Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker Published a Teaser Photo of RUSH HOUR 4

Rush Hour

Rush Hour 4 is going to happen after all. After the sexual assault allegations made against director Brett Ratner, i thought the project is shelved but Rush Hour 4 would happen and stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are ready to fight alongside each other once again!

Tucker recently posted a photo on Instagram, and as you can see, he’s hanging out with Chan and both of them are giving out big smiles and showing the number four. Well, you don’t need Robert Langdon for that.

In a previous interview with Tucker, he said that everything is going good:

“We’re working on a few things on the script right now, so we’re trying to get into production. But we’re working on it and trying to get it going.

“Jackie Chan wants to do it, I want to do it, [the] studio wants to do it, so we’re trying to get it together.”

Tucker went on to say that it’s “gonna be the rush of all rushes.” There’s no information on who will direct it yet, but I don’t expect to see Ratner working in Hollywood movies any time in the coming future. What do you think?

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