James Bond Suits — James Bond Brioni vs. Tom Ford Suits

James Bond Suits

The iconic cinematic agent named James Bond, who is truly one of those fashion gurus that knows his way of wearing suits and tuxedos. The MI6 agent has always remained the source of inspiration for the past five decades in both clothing and personality. All the actors who played James Bond and wore their suits have indeed showed their true way of utilizing these to perfection. After all, the apparels that we have watched James Bond in the movie, do you know who tailored the outfits that made us admire so much. Would it be perfect for you to know about these creative-minded designers, responsible for making their version of James Bonds suits?  Brioni and Tom Ford both have a history with James Bond suits. Now in this blog, you will find out more about their work.


A well-known designer named Lindy Hemming took the liberty to design the apparels during the era of Pearce Brosnan when he acted as James Bond in his time. She took the responsibility of tailoring the suits of Agent 007 under the Italian brand, Brioni. Pearce Brosnan wore all the suits of Brioni in his Bond movies. His suits are all of luxury and elegance. The movies that Pearce Brosnan was seen wearing the suits were in Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

James Bond Suits

After Pearce Brosnan had made the best use of Brioni’s outerwear, Daniel Craig continued the new Brioni tradition, when he wore it in his debut film, Casino Royale. He dressed in a tuxedo during a poker scene in Casino Royale, which happens to be of Brioni. In fact, everybody at the casino’s table was dressed in the outfit of Brioni.

James Bond Suits

These materials are of the highest quality that you’ll find them made from a wool blend, silk, and even cashmere. Did you know that before the release of Casino Royale, Brioni launched a £3,000 Bond-themed tuxedo, which was sold at many stores and received popularity, knowing that this brand is famous for designing Bond suits?

According to the co-chief executive Antonella De Simon of Brioni, stated that they have never worked for money, that their aim was to show their class. They want everybody to know what this brand is all about, and thus, they proved of giving a real meaning of ‘style’ to James Bond’s suits.

As by the plans of designing, Brioni aimed to make it look sensational by constructing standard and elegantly cut suits. They tried using the same idea that they have done for Pearce Brosnan on Daniel Craig, which was uncomfortable for him because of Daniel Craig’s physique, but they somehow nailed it.

Tom Ford

You cannot deny the fact that Tom Ford played a massive role in creating suits for Daniel Craig that gave him an updated, modernized version of James Bond.  Knowing the popularity of Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies, the co-producer Barbara Broccoli was in search for a designer to turn the approach of Bond’s clothing for Daniel Craig in an all-new manner.  Tom Ford said in his interview that he was very much excited to work on the suits of James Bond for Daniel Craig and considered it an excellent opportunity.

James Bond Suits

One of his best works for Daniel Craig is the Windowpane suit, which appeared in Spectre. Daniel Craig appeared wearing this suit in the Mexico action sequence. It looked completely different than the rest of the James Bond suits. The pattern had no extra detailing. This Windowpane suit does, as you can notice the linings work done on it. Now that is how Tom Ford modernized James Bond clothing style for Daniel Craig. If you have not noticed him wearing this suit in the movie, you can watch it again and seek the scene where he sits on the rooftop with a rifle.

James Bond Suits

However, he did look forward to a simply designed suit as well, like this Grey Pinstripe Suit, which he wore while meeting Q and sees the Ashton Martin for the first time. It has become so demanding that this apparel was observed in the advertisement of Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition.

James Bond Suits

On the day of celebration for the release of Spectre, Tom Ford launched his exclusive collection of all suits used by Daniel Craig in the movie. When it comes to the designer’s point of view, he tailors the suit according to the personality, which Tom stated in the interview:

I have been dressing Daniel for some time and know that he looks best when simply dressed, so we did some beautiful suits, tuxedos and daywear.”


For real, there shouldn’t be any possible picks about who’s the best. Between these two brands, both have done their best; otherwise, they would not be recognized widely for nothing.

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