James Gunn Says That Baby Groot Will Tear Baby Yoda to Pieces

Baby Yoda

James Gunn is looking to fire up some controversy on social media once again! This time it is a fun kind of controversy!

A fan recently talked to Gunn on Instagram and asked him who he thinks would win a fight between Baby Groot and Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian? A valid question that fans are already talking about. So how did Gunn reply?

He said:

“I only know Baby Yoda as a character in memes. He looks just like a baby but Yoda so I imagine Baby Groot would tear him into pieces.”


Baby Yoda is the new internet craze these days, I imagine that the answer isn’t going to go over well with some Star Wars fans. Gunn hasn’t watched The Mandalorian yet as he only knows the character from memes on the Internet and not his part in the show.

Maybe Gunn is right though and I don’t know who will win in the said fight, maybe Baby Groot could tear him up. While Yoda does have the force, we don’t know exactly how dominant he is yet. Maybe Yoda could take Baby Groot out with his Force powers, depending on his Force level.

What do you think? Who do you think could win in a fight between Baby Yoda and Baby Groot?

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