Jamie Lee Curtis Explains How Laurie Strode is Like Dr. Loomis in The New HALLOWEEN Film

Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween first trailer was released, the enthusiasm for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride‘s film blasted. For the most part, fans liked what they saw and I think it is safe to say we like to see some more of it.

The movie is a direct sequel to the original 1978 film as we already to know that part, and as you might expect, after 40 years, Dr. Loomis will not be around. He was previously played by Donald Pleasence and there’s no doubt his presence will be felt in the film. There was a quick shot of a court drawing of him in the trailer. Pleasence’s last appearance as the character was in the sixth film, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

There is also going to be another character that will be taking up a similar mantle as Dr. Loomis and that character is Laurie Strode. Jamie Lee Curtis recently talked about how she will be like Dr. Loomis in the film, explaining to the Sunrise morning show:

“Laurie has been traumatized and Laurie also understands Michael Myers in a way that nobody else does. In a weird way, she’s become the new Loomis character because Loomis was the one who understood that [Michael] needed to be stopped because he was pure evil. You see, Laurie knows that – and nobody’s paying any attention, but Laurie is…Laurie is patrolling these streets.”

Which is obviously why she’s been training to kill Micheal Meyers over the past forty years. She wants to take him down if he ever escapes from the asylum. And he does, so now’s her chance to put those skills to use. There are some big changes coming to this next chapter that will bring something different and fresh to the franchise. I hope these changes help that story instead of hurt it. One of the biggest changes is that Micheal Meyers and Laurie Strode will not be brother and sister. If you want some information on why they decided to go that route, you can read up on it here.

Judy Greer plays Karen Strode, the daughter of Laurie, and Andi Matichak (Orange Is the New Black, Underground) plays Allyson, the granddaughter.

John Carpenter is an executive producer on the film and also served as a creative consultant. He is also doing the musical score. The new Halloween will hit theaters on October 19th.

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