Japan introduces “drinkable” chips for One-Handed Snacking


Tokyo snack-maker Koike-ya Inc.’s One Hand brand “features a line of splintered potato chips and other snacks that can be consumed like a bottled drink.” Says One Hand’s tag line, it’s the “new snack style humankind has been waiting for,” which seems a bit much, frankly.

The concept was apparently inspired by the premise that people really love the crunched-up bits at the bottom of the chip bag. Really? But soon it was discovered that one-handed snacking would be a boon to the screen-obsessed. Previous game-friendly Japanese snacks included potato-chip leader Calbee offering tongs; many gamers also used chopsticks to keep crumbs away from the keyboard. Last year, Mountain Dew released a gamer-specific can in the U.S. that boasted a “no-slip grip.”

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