Jared Kushner And Donald Trump Burn-Tastic SNL Sketch

Jared Kushner And Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin is back on Saturday Night Live as President Trump to celebrate Trump’s first 100 days in office, and to celebrate the occasion SNL alum Jimmy Fallon as unelected leader of the free world Jared Kushner.

This new episode opened with Trump and Vice President Pence (Beck Bennett) talking about their many, many accomplishments.

“You nominated Neil Gorsuch,” Bennett said, closing the book on the first 100 days.
“God I love that list. What a beautiful, long list,” Baldwin remarked.

More things happened as well, like meeting with the Chinese president. Ordering the Syrian airstrike. Showing classified information to the Japanese prime minister.

“That was at Mar-a-Lago, sir,” Bennett reminded Trump… about all three.

Also, Senior adviser Steve Bannon and Trump-in-law Kushner have been at each other’s throats over who’s Trump’s favorite. Luckily, SNL has a way to fix the tension — with an Apprentice meets America’s Next Top Model elimination. What else can resolve this?

Also, “Jared you’re such an inspiration,” Baldwin says. “You’ve shown everybody that if you’re born rich and marry my daughter, you can do anything you want.”

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