Jason Statham as Villian in FAST AND FURIOUS 7

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Jason Statham as Villian in FAST AND FURIOUS 7

Jason Statham will be the villain in Fast and Furious 7.  Jason as the villain? hmm well, I think he will do great but he doesn’t have a villain typeface (Javier Bardem) but he knows how to kick some serious ass so I think it will interesting to see him in such a role in such a fast-paced action-packed very successful movie franchise.

In a recent interview with Empire, Jason talked  about being the villain in the F&F 7 :

“I didn’t really want to play the villain, but there are certain moments where you think it might be a good time to do that. I’m not saying I’m full-blooded… I’m not going to tell you too much about what I’m going to do in the film, but if it’s a good villain, there’s obviously some consideration to be made, but there are some really bad villains out there, and I don’t want to get myself wet with that shit.

It’s just not written that well sometimes, and it’s always about the writing. So we’ll see. But I am excited to be a part of it, it’s got some of the best car action I have ever, ever seen. Justin Lin has just been exceptional with what he does with that vehicular action.”

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