Jaws: The Differences Between the Book and the Film

Behind the scene photo from Jaws

Steven Spielberg‘s classic 1975 film Jaws was based on a book written by Peter Benchley, and it was a big hit and the iconic sound effects still scares me up when I hear it. CineFix has taken the film Jaws and created a video that shows us what exactly the difference between the book and film are. You do know there are a lot of differences being made to the movies when adapting them from the books.

Steven Spielberg called dibs on adapting the book before it was released, but on the road from page to screen, a lot of things got changed. It’s still the tale of a killer great white shark terrorizing a small island community, and the three men who set sail to vanquish it… but a lot of details (and huge plot points) changed along the way. Some for creative reasons, and some to suit the realities of film production… we’ll tell you about all the differences we could find.

Have you read Peter Benchley’s book? Have you watched (or re-watched) Jaws recently? Which do you think is better: the book or the movie? Are you hearing the Jaws theme…. *Duh-DUM…)? Did we make you feel like it’s safe to go back in the water?

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