Jeff Goldblum is Back for Independence Day 2 But Not Jurassic World

The Huffington Post reports, Jeff Goldblum was asked about whether or not he wanted to return to the “Jurassic Park” franchise with the upcoming Jurassic World.

Goldblum told them that he was never called to appear in Jurassic Park III either, but that he was happy with the two movies he did. But we like to see him in Jurassic World as well!

More importantly, Goldblum also confirmed what Roland Emmerich had been saying last year about bringing his character David Levinson back for Independence Day 2:

“Yeah, they’ve talked to me about it and I’ve talked to them about it and they’re excited and I’m anxious and eager to see — I haven’t read anything — what they cook up. You know, I think they’re trying to put it together.”

So will smith turned down Independence Day 2 and now Jeff Goldblum turned down Jurassic World, So we won’t get the original cast in the movies.


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