Jimmy Kimmel Rips United Airlines With This Brutal Fake Ad

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold it in on Monday evening regarding the viral video depicting a United Airlines passenger being dragged off a flight after it was overbooked.

He started off by asking his audience who flew from out of town to come see his show, unsurprisingly loud noise from the crowd.

“I’m glad none of you were yanked off the plane,” he continued as he turned into a breakdown of what exactly happened in the United Airlines incident.


New Video Shows United Passenger Was Not ‘belligerent’ Before He Was Brutally Dragged Off Flight 

Kimmel explained that United employees chose four passengers to remoe from the flight since it was overbooked, and the airline needed to give seats to its employees. One man refused to leave, saying he was a doctor and needed to get to the hospital to attend to his patients in the morning. He was forcibly dragged out of the plane.

After showing the video his audience — which was recorded by multiple passengers via cell-phone cameras — a mix of shock and laughter emerged from the crowd.

“It’s interesting to see who laughs at that,” Kimmel replied. “That’s how my mother used to get me out of bed to go to school in the morning,” he added.

Kimmel also presented a parody safety video that he suggested United Airlines use.

“We’re United Airlines. You do what we say when we say, and there won’t be a problem, capiche?” a smiling flight attendant says. “If we say you fly, you fly. If not, tough s—. Give us a problem and we’ll drag your a– off the plane, and if you resist, we’ll beat you so badly you’ll be using your own face as a flotation device.”

The flight attendant finishes her speech with her fists wielding brass knuckles, and the parody ended with a new slogan: “United: F— you.”

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