Joffrey is The True Hero of GAME OF THRONES! How You Like That

Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey Baratheon is one of the biggest a-hole in the Game Of Thrones universe. The little prince of darkness was a power-mad sociopath who loved doling out his own twisted sense of justice, tormenting Sansa Stark with so much suffering that she nearly had a psychotic break. He was a cruel, arrogant coward who deserved a longer, more painful death than the poisoning he ultimately received.

Now, imagine this. Joffrey was actually the hero of the story? Part of the reason the character works so well is because George R.R. Martin basically set him up as the archetypal hero prince — dashing, handsome, etc. — only to subvert that trope by making him a miserable dick.

BloodBlitz Comedy has made a fan video that tries to depict the young king as a heroic and noble ruler. Watch this video, it is hilarious.

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