John Lithgow’s THE TOMORROW MAN Trailer Has a Whole Lot of Heart And Love


Check out this beautiful trailer for the new film The Tomorrow Man, starring John Lithgow (3rd Rock From the Sun, Pet Sematary) and Blythe Danner (Meet the Parents, Will & Grace). Lithgow will be appearing as Ed and Danner as Ronnie, two people in a little town who come together with all their baggage in tow.

Check out the synopsis:

Ed Hemsler spends his life preparing for a disaster that may never come. Ronnie Meisner spends her life shopping for things she may never use. In a small town somewhere in America, these two people will try to find love while trying not to get lost in each other’s stuff.

I’m a big fan of Lithgow and you just can’t go wrong with him, I am really looking forward to this movie and I am sure it won’t disappoint.

The Tomorrow Man will hit theaters on May 22, 2019.

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