John Oliver Hilariously Reading Insulting YouTube Comments Made About Him

John Oliver

Check out the video of John Oliver hilariously read various comments that have been made about him on YouTube. He is simply awesome!

Our show is uniquely boring, which again is not an insult it’s not. For something to be both unique and boring is a true feat. It’s a phrase that I would reserve for something exceptional like a Ken Burns documentary about snails. But of all the comments I read, one stood out above all the others and really made me feel good about my career choice and that comment laid out a challenge – a challenge I’m prepared to take on because this comment read ‘John Oliver I’ll bet you one zillion dollars that you won’t feature this comment in a video’. Well touché anonymous… pay up, pay up and to the rest of you i will see you never. I don’t need this shit anymore, I’m a zillionaire now.

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