Join The Pan Pacific Defense Corps

Join The Pan Pacific Defense Corps

An amazing section of the website with a very interactive layout is recruiting new members to fight the Kaiju threat do you have what it takes to fight the battle? The Pacific Rim viral train continues to chug along with The Pan Pacific Defense Corps, Enroll NOW!

In just the first of a handful of initiatives being introduced over at Panpacificdefense via the Pacific Rim official Facebook page, Warner Bros. has begun a campaign to recruit you and others into the PPDC. Not all positions are for piloting Jaegers (the gigantic robots), however. Since everyone has a specific field they excel at, your final placement in the PPDC will be determined via a psyche exam consisting of a series of questions that must be answered in rapid succession.

The results of the test will land you in one of four departments, all equally important to the future of humanity, but all very different from one another. You can join either the Jaeger Academy for recruitment and training, the K-Science division for Kaiju detection and analysis, the J-Tech department in charge of all Jaeger systems and robotics, or the Strike Groups for deployment and combat.

Here is the official description for the initiative of the PPDC website:

Founded in 2014, The Pan Pacific Defense Corps represents an international alliance of 21 nations across the Pacific Rim, bound together by the shared goal of containing, combating and eliminating the Kaiju threat. The future of the human race depends on citizens like you. Take the Pysche test now and apply for a position within the PPDC.

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