Jon Favreau Released a Cute Video of Baby Yoda From the Set of THE MANDALORIAN

Baby Yoda

Jon Favreau and his crew have already begun production on The Mandalorian Season 2, and in recognition of Thanksgiving weekend, he shared a video from the set showing off Baby Yoda on a monitor being all kinds of cute. The video came along with a note from the director saying:

“If your Thanksgiving table gets too heated show everyone this video I took on the set of the Mandalorian.

Yep, that should disperse any dispute among family and friends. Politics and Star Wars both bring about passionate debates these days!

I liked that this is returned to life as a functional practical effect that the characters can interact with. Werner Herzog liked this thing! He called Favreau and executive producer Dave Filoni chickens when they attempted to take off it from the set to shoot the scene again just in case the puppet wasn’t impressive enough. He even agreed to be brought to tears by the creature on the set of the series.


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