JUMP Cable Is The Right Smartphone Charger

 JUMP Cable Is The Right Smartphone Charger

Native Union’s JUMP Cable, a nifty cable/battery pack combo. The JUMP Cable, which blew past its Kickstarter goal in February, is now available to buy for $49.99.

It only holds a 30 percent charge, but that 30 percent is enough power to buy you an additional hour or two on your phone at the end of the day when you really need it, even if you use power-draining apps.

And since you can charge and sync your iPhone with the JUMP Cable instead of using its lightning cable (a micro-USB version is also available for other devices), it’s almost impossible to forget, even if you are woefully absentminded like me. I just unplug my phone and the cord, wrap it securely around the battery pack, and toss both in my bag. The battery pack and 19-inch cable weigh only 1.5oz together, so it doesn’t add much bulk to the mass of stuff I carry around each day.

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