Jurassic Park 4 Is Going To Be A Reboot ?

jurassic park 4

Well, I think it is better if it is going to be a reboot rather then the sequel to anything it’s hard to match up the characters and storyline and we want a fresh take and starts on Jurassic Park but if they are going to make a sequel it won’t be such a bad thing, after all, Franchise star Sam Neill seems to be under the impression that the film will undergo a complete reboot instead of a sequel.

When asked about the latest Jurassic Park project, Neill said to the Dominion Post, “I’m told it’s a big reboot, a total re-jig.”  This may just be a miscommunication since producer Frank Marshall told us the project is not a reboot.  But Universal recently put Jurassic Park 4 on indefinite hold, so there is some possibility that if/when Jurassic Park returns, it may be in the form of a reboot.

Universal Pictures put Jurassic Park 4 production on hold. There was no solid reason given at the time, but apparently director Colin Trevorrow is writing a new version of the script with Derek Connolly. There were reports that their ideas might have been too big to fit the current production timeline. We haven’t really heard much else since the production was shut down.

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