‘Jurassic World’ Breaks All-Time American and International Box Office Records in First Weekend

Jurassic World

In what has far-exceeded projections, the Universal film Jurassic World has officially broken both the US and international box office grossing records of all time.

It took a few hours today for the finally tally to be completed for numbers in the US, but with a rough count of $524.1 million worldwide, the film that stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard has easily beat out the previous record holder Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II by more than $30 million.

As for the US record, previously set by 2012’s The Avengers and its grossing of $207.4M, Jurassic World has taken the title with first frame figures of $208.8M. It was previously believed that the record set by the The Avengers would take more than just three years (way more, in fact), and while anticipation was high for Jurassic World, few in the industry saw this kind of debut coming.

At a cost of about $300M altogether, marketing included, Jurassic World has easily already done well, and with this level of success, we can only expected more flocking to theaters in the coming weeks.


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Big success only means one thing: sequels!

In what now seems to be the modern standard of Hollywood fashion, a massive opening weekend for a film that is already a reboot of an American classic will pave the way for a sequel. Actually, who are we kidding? Sequels.

According to Entertain Weekly, Chris Pratt has already signed on to star in future Jurassic films, but The Guardian and other sources have stated that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow will not be returning for any sequels.

On top of the excitement of the return of the Jurassic franchise, relatively positive reviews of the movie by critics and fans is also helping the overall draw. So far, Rotten Tomatoes critics have given the film a 70% positive rating, while IMDB is currently throwing out a 7.7/10.

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