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I was looking for a way to keep my nephews entertained while I babysat last weekend; they’re young, 5 and 7, and I’m not around children much, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. I thought the old saying “laughter is the best medicine” was probably a good place to start, and it got me thinking about finding different jokes I could impress them with.

I started talking to a friend of mine who has kids to see if he thought jokes were the right way to go and, to my surprise, he actually recommended a website called AppGrooves that has a top 10 list of the best joke apps. He says that he’s found some great apps from the list that he uses to tell his daughters daily jokes and that it’s a great way for family bonding. After I got off the phone with him, I decided to look into it a bit.

Best 10 Fun Apps for Daily Jokes

Turns out, the market for joke apps is way broader than I anticipated, so I’m so glad he sent me the list. I started testing out some of the apps and there were three that I really liked – jokes that had me laughing out loud in my apartment – and I knew I had found winners. My nephews thought they were hilarious too. So, I’ve decided to share those with you below, including what – in my opinion – are the best and worst aspects of each app, so you can easily find one you like for yourself.


Explore More Than 500,000 Jokes with Book of Jokes

With Book of Jokes, you have the opportunity to take a deep dive into more than 100 categories with a grand total of more than 500,000 individual jokes. The app includes kids jokes, bar jokes, yo mamma jokes, dad jokes, and even knock-knock jokes for beginners; great for younger kids. It’s also nice because you don’t need to have an internet connection to access the jokes and there are no pop-up ads, so you don’t have to worry about being bothered. There’s a “favorites” feature, too, so you can mark the best jokes for later.

If reading small words is something you find difficult, then you may find the letter size on Book of Jokes a bit difficult to make out. I do wish there was an option to enlarge the font but, as of now, it doesn’t exist so occasionally I did find myself squinting a bit.

Two Different Types Of Girls In The World

Create a List of Favorite Jokes with Epic Jokes

I’ve come to realize that I hate apps where I’m reading the same jokes over and over again; I want a good way to constantly be finding new jokes. That’s why I love Epic Jokes’ shuffle feature because it offers new content every time I tap the button. You are also able to create a favorites list with the jokes that you want to go back to over and over again. Not to mention, you can even share jokes on Facebook, Twitter, and email, which is a great way to show people you’re thinking about them without being too “mushy.”

I have noticed that there are occasional spelling errors as I’ve scanned through jokes. It’s a bit annoying because I want the entire experience to be annoying, but there’s also so much content that the jokes that do have spelling or grammar errors are pretty rare.

Doing It Wrong

View Picture Jokes with LOL Pics

LOL Pics is a really innovative way to experience jokes because you’re telling them through pictures. Then, users decide what jokes are the funniest and those are put on the Main Feed so you’re only ever seeing the best-of-the-best, which is excellent. You also have the ability to customize your joke feed by subscribing to your favorite categories, so you’re only seeing jokes you actually think are funny. Regardless of your mood, you can find everything from photobombs and fails to puns, LOL texts, fun facts, and hilarious tweets.

It is possible that you might find some of the jokes on the Main Feed offensive or boring. Because jokes are all taste-based, it’s likely your tastes will differ from some of the other users, so keep that in mind if you’re considering this app.



I’m so thrilled my friend introduced me to AppGroove’s top 10 list and the apps on it. My nephews called me just the other day to ask if I could tell them more jokes. We’ll definitely have something to do next time they come to visit, and I know that we’re all looking forward to it. I’ve got nothing but thanks to these joke apps for making babysitting so much easier, and if you have kids (or if you just want to laugh) I highly recommend you give them a try.


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