Keeping Your Business Well Rounded Begins With Consistent Branding!


Any successful business today has a professional and consistent branding image. Whether an online enterprise, a brick-and-mortar business, or more likely, both, your business needs a way to stand out from the crowd. Denver Corporate Headshots and the Hair School Denver can help you craft a professional branding image to do just that, Pinterest is a good resource to research images that can be further used for inspiration, If you are on Pinterest and want to get Pinterest likes you can click here.

What exactly is a “professional brand?” Is it just a great logo? A pithy catch-phrase? Fabulous customer service? Is it the typeface on your stationery or the combination of your company’s colors? What can we do to help you get there?

First, let’s understand what branding is. According to marketing guru Seth Godin, a brand is, “a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

If your business is new, there are likely no memories or stories just yet. But there are two key phrases in that definition that a new business should take to heart and make central to their professional brand.

The first phrase is, “a set of expectations.” No matter where you walk into a McDonald’s restaurant, you already know what you’re going to get. All of your expectations are contained within the company’s name or the sight of its logo on TV, on your smartphone, or on that billboard, you glanced at while driving down the street.

The second key phrase is, “a consumer’s decision to choose…” No matter what they want to buy, consumers have so many choices today that it’s overwhelming. You want your professional brand and image to be the key to helping customers choose you.

You do this by first creating Trust. Trust is the single biggest factor by which consumers choose and company or individual to do business with. It’s why word-of-mouth advertising is still so powerful. By creating a professional image that speaks “trust,” you give consumers the reason they should choose you.

You create trust by showcasing you, the business owner. You are the anchor of your professional brand and the key to your online business presence. People want to know who you are, but a slightly out-of-focus selfie tossed up on your Facebook or Instagram business page isn’t going to tell them that. It may even have the reverse effect of creating distrust.

One important key to creating a professional branding image is having professional headshots to post throughout your online business presence. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or all of them, each site should be consistent in how it portrays you and your business.

So if you don’t like getting your picture taken, or you don’t think you look good enough for a professional headshot, think again! You can rely on the professionals at Stacey James to help you take this great first step towards achieving a professional brand image.

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