Keira Knightley Will Return in Pirates of the Caribbean ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’

Keira Knightley

TooFab’s reports Knightley has “already secretly shot scenes” alongside Bloom, although the story later says it is only meant to be a “small cameo during the end credits” However, the report also spoils that the return of Knightley’s Elizabeth Swann will set up a much bigger role for her in a sixth Pirates film.

Disney doing a fifth Pirates film is a bit brave, in between the franchise’s steady decline and Depp’s considerable on and off-screen problems, news of a possible sixth film may be baffling. it appears they must have something major in the works to justify it, at least story wise.

At World’s End seemed to wrap up both Bloom and Knightley’s parts in the series, with Elizabeth becoming the Pirate King and Bloom’s undead Will Turner becoming the new Davy Jones. However, Dead Men Tell No Tales has Javier Bardem’s seemingly undead pirate passing a message for Jack Sparrow to a young man played by Brenton Thwaites. A popular theory going around is that this character is Will and Elizabeth’s grown son, which could certainly help explain Will’s return, if not why Elizabeth doesn’t show up herself until the very end.

Dead Men Tell No Tales will unfold on May 26, 2017.

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