Kelsey Grammer is Trying To Reboot FRASIER!

Kelsey Grammer

we might get an all-new reboot of the classic series Frasier! I have to say I loved the show and I have watched all of the seasons more than once. Now, According to DeadlineKelsey Grammer and CBS are positively interested in developing the series. It’s being planned as a hard reboot that will take place in a new city, “with the title character, played by Grammer, as a possible link to the Emmy-winning 1993 series.” But it will mostly focus on new characters.

According to the report, Grammer is meeting with writers who are throwing different concepts for the potential reboot series. “If the producers settle on a writer and a premise, the project could move beyond exploratory stage.”

I’d definitely be more interested in a series that picked up with Grammer’s character instead of a hard reboot with new characters and in a new city. But, if the series ends up moving forward I’ll give it a shot and if it’s filled with good characters and good writing… great!

For the people who don’t know the show, Frasier set a record for the most Emmy Awards won by a scripted series at the time with 37 wins, including five consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series.

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