Keno Rules, Tips, and Tricks


Keno is a popular and fun gambling game that continues to grow in locations all over the world, partially in thanks to new online keno gambling sites. The word “keno” itself has French roots and translates to “five winning numbers”. Though the name itself seems to be French in origin, it is believed by many the game originated in China.

A famous Chinese legend even credits the game of Keno with helping to save an ancient city from war, and generate funds to help build the Great Wall of China. You can learn more about the intriguing history of Keno.

Brush up on the Rules

For newbies looking for a share of the action or veteran online table players who need to refamiliarize themselves with an old flame, Keno is a relatively simple game. Keno winnings are given out based on percentages, the best scenario is you get all of the numbers you chose (quite rare).

Basically, you are given a card (though most Keno games are virtual) with 20 number slots on them. You choose 20 different numbers from 1-80. A caller (like bingo) randomly chooses a number for each spot. If your number and position match the number and position of the caller, you will get a payout in that round. The more you match, the more you make. The nice part about keno online is it keeps track of your numbers and your winnings automatically. So it is a great atmosphere for newcomers especially.

Tips for Triumph

While keno is a quick game, to succeed it is best to start betting small at first. Keno isn’t a game you want to go all in in the first few rounds. The patient player wins at keno. Slow incrementally higher bets as you get a feel for the uniqueness of each individual lounge (virtual or otherwise) will help you edge out winning profits. You can even entertain yourself in-between rounds with a bit of topical humor.

Not only is this usually a more profitable way to play the game, it is much more fun. Though if you are feeling lucky, it is possible to take some big winnings from a single round with a well-placed bet.

Keno, as with many gambling games, tends to show favor to the player with patience and good gut instincts. So do some research and learn how to play the game smarter.

What are you Waiting For?

So whether a new online game table player or an old veteran, online keno tables offer a fun and potentially quite profitable time you can access from anywhere at any time.

Any good keno player will tell you that the venue matters as much as the strategy you bring to it. Here is a list of best sites for online keno in the business.

You can get started from anywhere and hone up on your skills. Who knows, you could join the elite few professional keno players that have learned not just to survive, but thrive in a game that has been celebrated for hundreds of years.

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