Key Accessories to Use in Your Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Your baby is so cute that he doesn’t need anything else to make his first photographs special. Yet you might want to have a little fun with the opportunity. After all, your baby is only going to be so small and squishy once. This is the perfect chance to create an adorable photo!

Adding some accessories can give you the chance to have some fun. Here are a few key accessories to consider using in your baby photography in Toronto:


Headbands can be as simple or ornate as you like. A simple band with a small flower looks delicate and pretty. But a huge baby headband with lots of flowers and feathers can look quite stunning against a small baby. Have fun and experiment with different styles during your session. You may be surprised at how they look in the final prints.

Fun Hat

Hats are great for boys or girls — unlike headbands, which are more gender-specific. You can have as much fun with hats as you do headbands. Animal hats are the most popular, and they feature ears that look like bears, bunnies, cats, and other cuddly friends. You can also find hats with flowers, feathers, or fuzzy tops. The possibilities are as wide open as those with headbands, ranging from simple and cute to bold and over-the-top.

Unique Prop

Think about the things you love and find a way to incorporate them in your photograph. For example, if you love to read, you might place your baby on a pile of old books for the photo. If there is a major holiday coming up, choose an appropriate prop. For example, a string of twinkle lights is perfect for Christmas, and a small pumpkin works for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Above all, you should feel free to be creative and have fun when setting up your newborn photos. You can always take a serious portrait for posterity. Then you can have fun experimenting with looks to create something truly unique and memorable. You’ll love sharing the photos with family and friends.

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