KFC ‘s Take-Out Box Can Recharge Your Smartphone While You Binge Eat


You won’t find it anywhere if you are living outside India, This particular over-the-top KFC creation is only being handed out in two places,  Mumbai and Dehli. It’s called the Watt-a-box and it’s part of a new promotion that they just kicked off on their Facebook page to celebrate the launch of their new 5-in-1 Meal Box.

They’re only giving away a very limited number of Watt-a-boxes so if you even living in 1 billion population of India it is highly likely that you will get your hands on one of these boxes. To be eligible to win, one of your friends has to tag you in a Facebook post and explain to KFC just how awful you are about remembering to charge your smartphone.

It packs 6100mAh and two USB ports, so it should be able to power up your smartphone and it also comes with charging cables both for iPhone and Android.

A quick glance at the LED indicator on the front of the Watt-a-box will tell you how much juice is left to charge your phones while you binge eat deep fried goodness.

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