KFC’s New Chicken Bucket is Also A Bluetooth Photo Printer

KFC's New Chicken Bucket Bluetooth Photo Printer

KFC is celebrating its 60th anniversary of operation in Canada, and it’s introducing a special new chicken bucket to celebrate. The Memories Bucket is no mere cardboard cutout — it’s also a Bluetooth photo printer, one that can interface with your phone and print pictures of your choice. You won’t be able to snare one for yourself through your standard order, though — based on comments on KFC Canada’s Facebook page, it’s going to be given away as a limited release.

Also, KFC Japan raffled off a chicken-themed keyboard, mouse, USB stick, and sets of 3D-printed earrings as part of a social media promotion last fall, and its German outpost gave customers a thin, rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard in place of the usual grease-sopping paper sheet this May. The company’s experimentation goes beyond physical products, too. If you have a minute at lunch, you can play ColonelQuest, an 8-bit romp through Colonel Sanders’ life released in May. This is an age of tweeting fridges, smart dishwashers, and NFC-enabled ovens — who’s to say your chicken bucket shouldn’t print pictures?


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