Kids Reaction to VCR and VHS Technology

Kids Reaction to VCR and VHS Technology

VCR and VHS technology is something we all grown ups know and used in olden times before YouTube and super phones. Wait for the tape to rewind and doing forward and rewind to find a scene on the tape was pretty time consuming and hectic which this generation never faced. Born with the golden spoon as I say.

The Fine Bros. have released a humorous video which shows kids being introduced to this retro video viewing tech for the first time.

Yes some thought it played music or was a projector, but some did know what it was but never had used it before. There was however quite the struggle to put the tape in properly or even how to turn it on- once they did though, they were not impressed with the quality and were shocked to learn about the concept of going to a video store to rent a movie as well as how tapes would lose quality as you played your favorite movie over and over again. Also fun that the idea of recording a movie onto a tape is a thing of the past as the kids just say “you hit record on your remote” as to how they do that today.

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