Kids Replicate Scenes From The Walking Dead in Awesome Cosplay Photoshoot

The Walking Dead Kids Cosplay Photoshoot

Alana Hubbard of Mother Hubbard Photography, which is a family studio in Woodbridge, New Jersey, did a very creative photoshoot that involved cosplaying children re-creating specific scenes from the disturbing sixth season of show The Walking Dead. As you can imagine some people really thought these were the real guns and blah blah! so, Hubbard spoke with PetaPixel about the whole controversy.

I put a disclaimer on each individual photo and the album itself, and Facebook did something I’ve never seen before, blurring out the photos so you had to click to see them. …In order to see my photos, at least before the media got ahold of them, you had to go to my page, find the album, go past the warnings, AND click the photos. …People had no right to complain, because nobody asked them to come and look at my photos. …If they choose to ignore the warnings, to make the adult decision to look at the photos, then they need to be an adult about it and respect my art.

I don’t know this world anymore, on one side we have Donald Trump and on other side we have people who are whining and complaining about pictures of kids with their cute costumes. All I have to say to them is: Grow the BEEEP up!.


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