Killer Cat Cosplaying as EVIL DEAD’s Ash

Cat Cosplaying as EVIL DEAD's Ash

Check out this insanely silly Instagram account called Cat Cosplay that does this sort of stuff all the time, and while there are plenty of geeky homages to characters like Batman, The Flash, Jon Snow, Bucky Barnes, and many more there, but this one is on whole new lever, You can see below the feline cosplay of Evil Dead’s Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell).

On a serious note (Yes, it is a very serious show) Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 is airing now on Starz.

"Hail to the Cat, baby!" Debuting Ashley "Ash" Williams from Evil Dead! . #EvilDead #ashvsevildead #AshWilliams

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"Honey, you got real fluffy…" #AshWilliams #AshvsEvilDead #EvilDead #CatCosplay #Cosplay

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