Kimmel Got A Brilliant Idea For A Trump App


“The president’s mood is good and his outlook on the agenda is very positive.” Reassuring.

Following the Vanity Fair article in which Donald Trump allegedly told his long-time security chief Keith Schiller “I hate everyone in the white house,” Jimmy Kimmel had great fun probing the story on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Although the White House denies the story, Kimmel pointed to reports that chief of staff John Kelly is miserable in his job and only sticking it out to prevent Trump running rampant and driving the country off a cliff.

Kimmel also picked up on Trump’s not-so-veiled threat to the media, in which he asked of news organizations like NBC, “at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License”? “Never,” was Kimmel’s response, “that’s what dictators do.”

Kimmel also played a game of switching out “fake” for “true” and “dishonest” for “honest” in Trump’s many tweets about the media. “That should be an app!” exclaimed Kimmel, and he’s right — Especially if we could install it on Trump’s Twitter account. Boom, no more WWIII.

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