Knights Of NBA

Knights Of NBA
Knights of NBA is a ongoing project of our friend Alijah Villian. A brilliant artist whose work we already shared in the past. New season of the Game of Thrones has started and everyone artist brainstorming for some ideas to incorporate the show. Alijah did some amazing mash up posters of NBA players in the knight armor from Game Of Thrones.

You can check Alijah’s Twitter for more.

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Artist Statement:

NBA players are heroes to many of us I wanted to tell a good story.  As a digital artist I started to think upon the idea of what these giants would have done if they lived in the Medieval Era; and said they would of course be Knights wielding their swords in the name of the Throne.

I wanted the artwork to have the feel of the paintings of kings and knights of the 18th century.  I did about 20 different players.

Project Statement:

There is a kingdom of knights that seek revenge in the courts of NBA warriors that wield swords of passion and determination, the question that we all seek is who will win the game of thrones.


Derrick Rose Red Demon-

The red knight was dangerous by experience and appearance his come back would yield the end to the nation of heat.

Joakim Noah The Passionate One-

His passion would overshadow the land of dedicated knights and victory he would hold in his hand.

Lebron James King James-

His grip on the land was tight as the people wanted nothing more than to dismiss his powerful command.


Above the skies the tall figured surprised his victims with the double edged sword.

Kevin Durant The Servant-

The rainmaker depended on a higher power to provide the land in which he fed upon and the throne on which he sat.

James Harden Mighty Hammer-

He was an outsider the one who came from the shadows and created nothing but darkness for those who stood in the light.

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