What You Should Know about Pet First Aid


Unfortunately, in our lives, there are very stressful and unpleasant situations when our pets injured or have some problems with the health, and sometimes we have no much time to drive the animal to the pet veterinary clinic immediately. This article will give you some useful information about first aid for the animals.

The abdominal distention

If this happens quickly and suddenly take it very seriously. In the first place, it may be poisoning. But, perhaps, the more severe case – is the volvulus. Here you can not do without the help of a professional vet, you MUST immediately contact your veterinarian and drive your pet to the pet veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

Foreign body in the airways

Try as fast as possible to deliver the dog to the pet veterinary clinic, as there may be fleeting death by suffocation. If the dog is choking and losing consciousness, try to remove the foreign object by yourself. To do this you need an assistant. Put the dog on the side. One of you must quickly, but gently, to put pressure on the chest (as in artificial respiration). Another should tangle the towel on the hand and beholding the dog’s mouth open (the dog is in shock and can bite), with the second hand should try to get a foreign object at a time when is the pressure on the chest of the dog. In milder cases, sometimes enough just to cause vomiting.

Pollution of wool with toxic substances

If the dog’s coat stained with paint or tar do not let the dog lick the place since such substances are toxic. Never use for cleaning acetone, thinner, turpentine, etc. For example, wash off the paint with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil, then bathe the dog. Wool, stained with the resin must be gently cut. Also, check out self-cleaning litter box reviews for your cat. Nevertheless, try to find the time to visit the pet veterinary clinic to be sure that everything is okay.


Within 5-10 minutes you should impose on the place to burn the cold compresses. Do not apply any ointments! Cover your dog with a blanket and take your dog to the pet veterinary clinic.

Solar and heat stroke

If on a hot, sunny day, the dog suddenly starts to hyperventilate, it appeared the dyspnea, salivation, and general weakness – perhaps it is a sunstroke. Immediately pull the dog to the shade, put it on the side and spray the dog with cold water (this will help to narrow the blood vessels and lower the heat). Give the dog clean cool water to drink.


When seizures do not try to hold, hug, and reassure the dog because it causes nervous excitement and anxiety that extends cramps. Place your dog in a quiet room, turn off the bright light. Call the vet from the nearest pet veterinary clinic.

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