Kong: Skull Island Producer Alex Garcia Revealed Kong’s Height


Kong burst onto the silver screen for the eighth time in 2017,  Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ is doing Kong: Skull Island. Producer Alex Garcia was on hand to reveal a few tidbits about the ape’s scale:

“He’s his own species,” Garcia told us. “He’s going to be 100 feet tall.” That’s a fair bit taller that the beast’s original 1933 height, which was estimated to be only around 25m. His growth spurt may have something to do with Kong’s upcoming face-off against old foe Godzilla in Godzilla Vs. Kong, planned for release in 2020 – and not least because Gareth Edwards’ monster stood 350 feet tall when we last saw it moonwalking back into the ocean…

“There are jungles, sulphur pits, bamboo forests, a variety of different environments that are both wondrous and incredibly dangerous.” Sounds like the perfect playground for a 100 foot ape, then.

Kong: Skull Island is released on March 10, 2017. You can watch the incredible trailer here.

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