Kung Fu Masters Practicing the Painful Tradition of “Iron Crotch”

Kung Fu Masters

Check out this amazing and painful video which is about Chinese Kung Fu masters practicing the art of “Iron Crotch.” And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds.

The practice includes a swinging log that’s capped with steel in order to take a blow to the crotch while using Qigong breathing practices to help reduce the pain. It sounds like that Qigong breathing practice also involve yelling and grunting.

This old tradition needed years and years of training in order to withstand both the physical and the mental anguish of having your crotch repeatedly beaten up with a huge swinging log.

The move involves a log, capped with a steel plate, measuring 2 metres (6ft 7in) in length and weighing 40kg (88lbs) that is swung through the air before it is smashed into the crotch area of the practitioner. …Wang Liutai, a 65-year-old kung fu master who has been practising “iron crotch” for around half a century, said the move does not hurt and has no effect on fertility if done with the right methods and sufficient practise.

Less and less people are interested in the tradition of “Iron Crotch.” and I don’t have to explain why. But there are Kung Fu masters who dedicated their lives to trying and keep this tradition alive:

That’s why Wang and his fellow masters started to actively promote their style of kung fu, adopting the swinging log device in 2016 to demonstrate the iron crotch technique where previously villagers had kicked, punched, or used bricks or sticks. Their efforts have helped them gain several new students in cities across the country who learn using social media or custom-made videos posted online.

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