LAKE is a Relaxing Driving Sim About a Postal Worker in 1980s Oregon

LAKE game

The game is set in Providence Oaks, Oregon in 1986, Lake is an amazingly pretty relaxing game where you deliver mail and go around meeting with the locals.

You will be playing as Meredith Weiss, who’s taking a break from her career in the city to return to her little hometown as a postal worker. It’s an amazingly cool and unique concept for a game, and I’m already in love with the game’s tranquil atmosphere and cozy visuals.

Check out the trailer and see how chill the game is.

The game is a mix of a free-roaming driving simulator and a story-driven point-and-click adventure, which seems like an excellent mix. I also love how Lake sells itself as a “break from today’s ever-connected, never-alone society”, which is a good thing of its pre-digital 1980s setting.

The developers also say that every gamer will have their own individual playthrough, “thanks to intricately branching narratives.” It will be released later this year.

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