LAND OF THE VIKINGS Coming To Early Access Later This Year

Land of the Vikings

Laps Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive revealed the new upcoming city-building game Land of the Vikings today. This game is a Viking-era city-building strategy game where you’ll be the Jarl of a new village and you’ll have to guide your village to flourish. This sounds amazing and I love a good Viking city-building game. You’ll manage resources, choose whether to allow new Vikings to join you or not, help your village endure the harshness of the elements, trade or plunder your neighbors and a lot more, check out the video below.

In Land of the Vikings, players take on the role of the Jarl of a new Viking village. A wise Jarl must manage resources, survive harsh conditions and enemy raids, and guide their fellow Vikings to work together through social conflict. It is up to the players to expand their village into a thriving city. But they are not completely on their own; the Norse gods will aid players with different bonuses in return for their worship.

You can try Land of the Vikings in Q4 2022 on PC via Steam when the game come in Early Access.

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