Large Glass Nixie Clock

Large Glass Nixie Clock

The Glass Clock Large IN-8-2 is a unique Cold War era style clock using vintage Soviet Nixie tubes.

Nixie tubes are cold cathode displays for displaying numerals using neon glow discharge. These tubes were used before LED and florescent displays became popular, mostly in military and test equipment electronics.

Large Glass Nixie Clock

The glass tube contains a wire-mesh anode with multiple cathodes shaped like numerals that shine with an orange glow.

This clock uses the rare Cold War era Soviet IN-8-2 Nixie display tubes. The tubes have a 18mm size digit height, with a normal ‘5’ digit (Some Soviet tubes use an upside down and backwards ‘2’ for the ‘5’ digit).

Large Glass Nixie Clock

The Glass Clock is designed to mirror and complement the Nixie tube’s vacuum tube shape and construction – from the round glass tubes used in the case to the round shapes used in the acrylic support pieces.

The case is made out of Simax glass from the Czech Republic, and is hand cut and polished.

The circuit board is designed by Cold War Creations, specifically for the Glass Nixie Tube clock, assuring a perfect match to the case design. The circuit board is also designed with micro-miniature surface mount parts, shrinking the size of the board to emphasize the Nixie tubes and downplay the modern circuitry.

The CPU has more processing power than the large computers that originally used Nixie tubes!

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