At Last It Is Answered, You Can Outrun a T-Rex


The most important question of them all are why we exist and where we come from are still unanswered but if we can out run an extinct animal. Yep, that is answered now – Scientists have revealed that it is indeed possible to outrun a T-Rex.  

Discover Magazine says that although the T-Rex was massive, scary, and an overall killing machine, but it was quite slow faster than your grandma maybe but definitely slower than you are.

The researchers estimated the walking speed of the T. rexto be 2.7 to 5 mph, which is much slower than, say, Usain Bolt, who clocks in a maximum sprinting speed of 27.3 mph. For context, the average walking speed for a human hovers around 3 mph. The calculated speed indicates T. rexwas traveling at a slow trot, and at a speed similar to other large carnivorous dinosaurs. Still, even when walking, tyrannosaurs moved covered more ground in a single step than the large herbivores that they coexisted with and presumably hunted.

If you can outrun the T-Rex on foot then you can most definitely outrun the dino in a Jeep. check out the iconic scene from our favorite park movie.


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