Last Wooden Escalator in the World

Last Wooden Escalator in the World

Tom of Travels With Tom visited the famous Macy’s Department Store in Herald Square in New York City to ride one of the last working wooden escalators in the world.

In the shadow of the majestic Empire State Building and located on the ninth floor of the Iconic Macy’s department store in Manhatten (think “Miracle on 34th St.”) you can still ride one of the world’s last functioning wooden escalators.

This escalator was built between 1920 and 1930 by the Otis Elevator Company and still maintains its distinctive Art Deco design after all these years. The only other wooden escalator in New York also is in Macy’s, but it was under repair during Tom’s visit.

Built during the Art Deco era, this people-moving conveyance has a distinctive Steampunk/Dieselpunk feel along with a unique clacking sound unlike any other escalator you will ever use. Only two exist and one is under repair so this century-old mechanical fossil may finally be coming to the end of its existence!

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