Latest on the School of Dragons

The rough and ready Vikings and their unlikely alliance with winged, fire-breathing creatures have sparked kids’ imaginations in a way you’d never have thought possible. The entertaining animation movie How to Train your Dragon has spawned a hit TV show, an eagerly anticipated sequel and now an immensely popular kid-friendly MMO that combines thrilling adventure in Viking lands and close encounters with dragons of all kinds with a healthy serving of science lessons. Could a kid ask for more? But since kids ALWAYS ask for more, particularly with such a fascinating bunch of creatures as Vikings and dragons the School of Dragons has been working on several new features their fans can’t wait to try out.

And here they are!

1. The Clans

Latest on the School of Dragons

What’s a Viking without his clan? A fish out of water, right? Here’s your chance to assemble your very own clan and explore the far reaches of Berk together with a trusted bunch of friends and fellow adventurers. What’s more, you get a chance to earn some more of those precious gems by inviting your Facebook friends through the Invite-a-Friend feature. Your friends will not only be able to join you in your great adventure, they will actually be members of your clan and help you reap rich rewards.

2. Special Flight Club Levels

Latest on the School of Dragons

If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to fly through the skies atop a dragon, here’s your chance to experience it. Flight Club has some brand new levels where you can hitch a ride on fierce dragons like Meatlug and Fishlegs as you soar above the beautiful wilds of Berk. But should you choose to ride the slithery Groundsplitter, your journey will take you underground through dark dangerous caverns and concealed paths. Each dragon here has a unique flying style that could leave you gasping for more!

This online dragon game sure packs in a punch. After all, there’s much to explore in this one-of-a-kind school!

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