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Laugh Out Loud

It’s long been said that laughter is the best medicine, and there are scientific studies to back this theory up. It has been shown that laughter is a great way to boost your mood, strengthen social bonds and improve your health, so it makes sense to have a good giggle as often as you can. If you’re after a good laugh, the Internet can be a perfect resource for all types of humor.

Practical jokes

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but some people find it hilarious to play a joke on their friends. There are websites full of ideas for jokes to play but bear in mind that you don’t want to hurt or upset anyone really, so choose your prank and your victim with care. There are very popular TV shows based on the practical joke theme, so you could take a look at those for some inspiration. Or you could use a prank call service that makes an anonymized phone call using synthesized voices or audio clips that you can choose yourself.


YouTube and its ilk are famed for being great ways to waste a lot of time, watching one video and then clicking on links in the sidebar until you find several hours have whizzed by while you’ve been watching clips of sneezing baby pandas. If you’re on your own and feeling a little blue, it can be a bit of a pick-me-up to browse through some funny videos. You could also find yourself getting increasingly frustrated at the amount of boring dross you come across as well, so a good way to start is by searching for a clip of a favorite television comedy show. Once you’ve watched the clip, you should find that the links to other videos will be more relevant, and ones that are popular with people who share a similar sense of humor. This gives you a much better chance of finding something decent to watch. Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime also have good collections of comedy films and TV shows, so you could binge watch The Big Bang Theory all day if you wanted to.


Social media is awash with humor, and there are jokes, photos, rhymes, and cartoons galore. Anything good gets shared and forwarded, reaching an ever-wider audience and being likely to appeal to large numbers of people. If you have a friend with a similar sense of humor, check out their feed for some quality jokes and memes. Pinterest is a good source of funny quotes and pictures too. There are also some very funny multi-player games you can hook up to and share with friends, either online or together over a pizza.

The Internet is a great place to find things that make you laugh, whether you’re alone or with friends, and once you’ve found one thing you like, it will inevitably lead you on to other, similar things if you follow the suggested links. Avoid the ads that are masquerading as something of interest, and you should have a lot of laughs!

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