Learn What Internet Speed You Really Need


When it comes to how much internet speed you need, you’re likely going to need more than you think in the event that you do more things at home that require the use of the internet. Sometimes, you might be at school or in a business that offers free Wi-Fi and see that the speed is a bit faster than what you have at home. It tends to make you think about how fast your internet should be and if you need to upgrade your plan as you’re able to send emails faster and watch videos without the lag that you have at home. Most internet connections are offered through cable. This is a fast connection, but there are faster options available.



When you connect with an internet service provider, you might hear about some of the recommendations for the speeds associated with the activities that you perform online. Gaming and online streaming from your favorite TV providers like Planet Dish and GoLatino TV typically need faster speeds while emailing or simply browsing online might not require fast speeds. One thing that you want to remember when you talk to internet providers about the speed that you might need is that most companies will try to talk you into getting faster speeds because they are more expensive. This means that the provider will make more money when you might not need the speed that is offered.


What’s Connected

In most homes, there are almost a dozen devices that can connect to the internet at some point. Even if you only have a few devices, you could add a few more over the next few months or years depending on the ages of your children, business needs that you might have, or tasks that you want to do online as you get older. Aside from computers and mobile devices, you also have smartphones and pet trackers that utilize the internet, which means that you’ll likely need more speed than you think you’re going to need.


Before deciding how much internet speed you need, look at how many devices you have connected to the internet or that could be connected at some point. As you add more devices, increase the storage capacity, and perform tasks that are more detailed on those devices, you need to increase your speed so that there is no lag. For some homes, 100Mbps is sufficient while other homes might need 150 or 200.


Living Situation

Another detail to look at is your living situation. If you work from home or your children take classes online, then you’re going to need a faster internet speed. If there are several people in your home who use the internet or you have people who like to play games with others who are online, then you’re going to want faster speeds so that the game progress is saved as it should be and so that the game progresses as the player wants.


Advertised Details

Some companies might not provide the internet speed that is advertised. They could provide a speed that’s about half of what you think that you’re getting in order for you to get a higher plan that is more expensive. If a company works too hard to try to give you recommendations about the speeds that you might need or the best deal that you can get, then probably won’t get the speed that’s advertised.

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