Legendary Pictures Will Develop Detective Pikachu POKEMON Movie

Detective Pikachu

Legendary Pictures has officially landed the film rights to Pokemon! According to Deadline, the first film in the franchise will be a live-action film built around Detective Pikachu, who is a character that was introduced in the Nintendo video game Great Detective Pikachu.

The story for the game is described as follows:

The game follows a peculiar talking Pikachu who, despite not being as powerful and nimble as other Pikachu of his kind, is rather intelligent and claims to be a great detective. One day, Pikachu encounters a boy named Tim Goodman, who is able to understand what he is saying. Thus, the two begin working together to solve various mysteries revolving around Pokémon in the city.

Legendary Pictures is planning to start production on the film next year, with Universal Pictures distributing the film. There are no other details on the project at this time, but with the popularity of Pokemon rising.

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