Lego Announced a 1,000-Brick Batcave to Celebrate Batman’s 80th Anniversary

Lego Batcave

Lego has announced a 1,037-piece Batcave Friday in celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary, which is packed with Batman villains and allies.

The Batcave Clayface Invasion set describes an invasion of the hero’s headquarters. When the set is completely assembled, you’ll be able to change a Bruce Wayne minifigure into Batman in order to fend off minifigures of Clayface, Two-Face, and Catwoman. Robin and Batwoman minifigures also enter the fight in this awesome upcoming set.

The Batcave looks fairly extensive, and the Clayface minifigure is larger than all the others.Lego

Lego fans should be ready to assemble a lot of various rooms of the Batcave, including a Batcomputer zone, hi-tech zone, workout zone, weapons room, trophy room, a transformation tower, jail modules, and a Bat-Tank.

The Batcave set is set for an Aug. 1 release and will sell for $100 (It converts into £75 or AU$140).

The Lego set is one of several announced Friday for the 80th anniversary, which also comes with a 200-piece Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle for $20, a 342-piece Batmobile for $30, a 489-piece Batwing and The Riddler Heist set for $50, a 59-piece Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery set for $10 and a 171-piece Batman and the Joker Escape set for $40.

All of these new upcoming sets are also set for an Aug. 1 release, with the Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle coming only to Walmart one month earlier on July 1.

Batman’s official 80th-anniversary date will be this Saturday.

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