Lego Creation Of Commodore 64

The perfect model of Commodore 64 has been achieved in LEGO’s By PowerPig, It’s been done beautifully and near-perfect match of Commodore 64.

I spent countless hours on Commodore 64’s Blue Screen rewinding and forwarding for my game’s and recalling the right commands to operate, those were the days when I really think of myself a computer whiz kid who is typing on a blue console and a game magically appears then it’s Disk Drive came along and all that changed and now all you need is a click on the screen to get a game going and 100 or 1000 times more powerful than that huge thing can do. It’s amazing how things have been changed since then.

Chris McVeigh (powerpig) continues his series of lovely vintage computers with a LEGO version of this classic machine. Chris has captured the shape of the C64′s case and all its details wonderfully, from the logo and power light to the studs-up keyboard.

commodore 64 in lego

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