LEGO Dark Knight

LEGO Dark Knight

Here is a super cool LEGO Dark Knight. I had the chance to see The Dark Knight Rises in theaters today and am once again reminded of how much I love the character created by Bob KaneM. McCooey built this 1:5 scale model.

Description :

Modeled after the Dark knight’s segmented armor, Lego is really the perfect medium as it naturally has the look of being made of Many parts, just like the movie. I built him slightly blockier and more rough edged to convey the armor’s shape. FEATURES: 38 POINTS OF ARTICULATION 1 NECK BALL JOINT 2 SHOULDER ROTATION JOINTS 2 ELBOW ROTATION JOINTS 2 WRIST ROTATION JOINTS 24 INDIVIDUAL FINGER DIGIT ARM JOINTS 1 WAIST ROTATION JOINT 2 HIP ROTATION JOINTS 2 KNEE ROTATION JOINTS 2 ANKLE ROTATION JOINTS MULTI LAYER “MEMORY CLOTH” CAPE An exterior layer of felt cape (from the technic Darth Vader) underneath, there is a larger wing-like cape made of many smaller pirate sails to get the batwing shape. The pegs on the cape can snap in on his hands at various points making the glider style Batwings or it allows him to hold his cape at various points on the cape.

When they are down the also provide Added length for the cape so it’s more regal and accurate to the movie. TONAL BAT SYMBOL The subtle look of the batman symbol is achieved with very small scale snot builing. UTILITY BELT Made out of pearl gold accents and grates over light grey to get the subtle silver hits along the sides. There are hooks and jumper plates along the sides and back to mount all of his gadgets and still keep them mostly concealed keeping the belt clean.The circular bat signal is In the center.

BACK PACK As seen in the Hong Kong scene in tdk. It’s on a hinge and can fold out, and the cape can be tucked inside. GADGETS: FOLDING BATARANGS Made of pearl gold axe heads, they collapse and hook onto the jumpers on the back of his belt. STICKY BOMB GUN Breaks down to two parts and collapses and clips onto the back of his belt, again, pretty close to film accurate. GRAPNEL GUN Slightly thicker than it’s movie counterpart, but only so that it can have a spring loaded projectile.

Lego Iron Man And Spider Man Is OUT !

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