Lego: Full-Sized X-Wing Fighter


This is up one level of awesomeness it is Mindblowing what we have seen here a full size replica of X-Wing Fighter before that we seen the biggest LEGO structure is in James May’s Toy Stories in it he made a whole working house of Lego in a British country side that was a big project which used 3.3 million plastic bricks and that is ALOT you can see it here .

The massive LEGO Yoda Chronicles tent sitting in the middle of Manhattan’s Times Square this morning was more than just an ad for the upcoming Cartoon Network special (airing Wednesday, May 29, at 8:00pm). It was hiding something inside, something very awesome indeed. As the crowd began to (ahem) build around the area, a LEGO/Cartoon Network emcee — dressed up as the cutest Rebel pilot you ever did see — polled folks as to what they thought was under the tent.

This is the world’s largest LEGO model at 11-feet tall, 43-feet long, and with a 44-foot wingspan. It’s made of over five-million LEGO bricks (5,335,200 to be exact), weighs 45,979.61 pounds (including bricks and steel infrastructure), and took 32 builders 17,336 hours (about four months) to construct.

The 1:1 scaled replica is the largest LEGO sculpture ever built. It was unveiled at Times Square in Manhattan, and it will be there for the next three days. The statue will then make its way to the LEGOLand Resort in California where it will remain for the rest of the year.

It will stay in the Big Apple for 3 days after that it will head to the LEGO Land California Resort for the rest of the year.



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