Lego Ghostbusters HQ Custom MOC built

LEGO Ideas - Ghostbusters HQ

Ghostbusters movie franchise is one of the best in the world, Almost everyone who saw it back in the day loves it to this day. That is why we are always happy to see any news regarding Ghostbusters. New Ghostbusters movie is on it’s way as well and today we saw this amazing Lego Ghostbusters HQ Custom MOC built Lego set and it is brilliant. The Floors(levels) are removable. Therefore, you had many freedoms for the interior and everything is easily accessible. Many design concepts of various accessories and furniture are already in progress. Source: Lego Ideas


LEGO Ghostbusters 30th-anniversary set

Official Ghostbusters LEGO Play Set

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LEGO Ideas - Ghostbusters HQ

For more pics and info go to GBfans Or their official Swiss Ghostbusters Page.

LEGO Ideas - Ghostbusters HQ

LEGO Ideas - Ghostbusters HQ


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