LEGO is Producing 13,000 Face Visors A Day To Save Healthcare Workers


The Danish toy company has transformed some of its molding machines to create the visors, which can shield health care workers against Coronavirus.

The Denmark-based team transformed some of its molding machines to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — especially the face visors.

The visors, which consist of handles and a long plastic film, offer extra protection against the coronavirus, which the CDC says can possibly enter the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth. When used in order with face masks, the visors can also offer higher protection against coughs, sneezes and other body fluids.

Michael Edmond, an infectious diseases doctor and hospital epidemiologist in Iowa City, IA, reiterated the shields’ usefulness and availability in an April 11 blog post.

“The advantages of face shields are their durability allowing them to be worn an indefinite number of times, the ability to easily clean them after use, their comfort, and they prevent the wearer from touching their face,” he wrote. “Importantly, they cover all the portals of entry for this virus–the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. Moreover, the supply chain is significantly more diversified than that of face masks, so availability is much greater.”

LEGO also announced in March that it will donate $50 million through the LEGO Foundation to help children in need through Education Cannot Wait. It also started the campaign #letsbuildtogether across its social media platforms, which target to inspire families to have fun and play at home.

Johns Hopkins University Tracker reports Denmark has confirmed over 6,800 cases, which have led to over 300 deaths.


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