Lego is Releasing an Amazing 3,981-piece Batcave From Batman Returns

Lego Batcave Shadowbox

In June, Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Batman after 30 years in the upcoming film “The Flash.” To commemorate this occasion, Lego is releasing an impressive Batcave set inspired by the 1992 film “Batman Returns.”

Named the Lego Batcave Shadowbox, this set serves as both a toy and a display piece. The diorama can be opened to reveal a detailed cave playset with the iconic suspended-over-a-pit ambiance of Batman’s lair.

Lego Batcave Shadowbox

With 3,981 pieces, the set offers various play features. There are four dials on the back that unlock Batman’s vaults containing gadgets and costumes, a rotating chair, and surveillance screens with rotating images. The set also includes a light brick that can illuminate Batman’s suit when the drawbridge is lowered.

Additionally, the set comes with a 1989 Batmobile featuring pop-up machine guns controlled by a dial. The garage provides hand tools for “repairs,” and the garage door can be closed using a push-button. Batman can fit inside the Batmobile’s cockpit, but the cloth cape must be worn for a proper fit. The engine flame also rotates as the Batmobile moves.

Lego Batcave Shadowbox

The set includes seven mini-figures, including Batman with both hard plastic and cloth capes, Bruce Wayne, Alfred with a teapot, Max Shreck (portrayed by Christopher Walken), and new mini-figures of Catwoman and the Penguin.

Lego Batcave Shadowbox

Although the set draws inspiration from “Batman Returns,” it also reflects the new Batcave built for Keaton’s appearance in “The Flash.” The design incorporates elements from both versions.

The Lego Batcave Shadowbox will be released on June 8th and will cost $400, €400, or £345. Lego VIP members can pre-order it starting on June 5th.

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